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Wells Fargo Dealer Services

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Wells Fargo Dealer Services Account Number

To find your account number, look at your monthly statement. You can locate it at the top of the statement or on the right side of payment coupon, which is on the bottom. Personal account number contains 10 digits. While used within Wells Fargo eServices, the account number is shortened to the last four figures. If you want to see full account number, enter Account Management, then choose your number (for example, XXXXXX1111) on Account Summary or Loan Details from the menu and you will see the full number.

You may need your personal Wells Fargo Dealer Services account number for checks or money orders, MoneyGram and Western Union services, etc.

Should you have any problems with finding anything you need or questions with your Wells Fargo Dealer Services account number, please call us 1-800-289-8004 (we also accept telecommunications service relay calls) Monday-Friday 5 AM – 7 PM Pacific Time to receive further assistance. You may use a message form through Wells Fargo Dealer Services website (https://eservices.wellsfargodealerservices.com/ContactUs/Consumer) as well. Do not worry about the privacy as all emails from Wells Fargo containing personal data are encrypted in order to protect customer’s identity.