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Commercial Services

Wells Fargo Dealer Credit Services

Functioning and developing automotive dealership demands significant investments. Wells Cargo Dealer Services offer its customers highest quality financial solutions for:

  • Real property acquirement;
  • Floor plan financing;
  • Working capital volume;
  • Merger/acquisition deals;
  • Purchasing or leasing equipment and materials.

Account online access

Wells Fargo Dealer Services is able to provide a credit facility with attractive rates in order to keep dealership equipment at maximum capacity. This financial solution is offered with the access to online account management, which provides dealer with full online access to the account. Thus, dealer’s authorized personnel gets the possibility to check and perform account transactions, receive reports and manage company’s equipment and supplies. Moreover, dealer can easily get a professional phone consultation from the specially assigned corporate account manager.

Interest rate risk management

No matter how complex dealer’s interest risk portfolio is. Wells Fargo has a professional team, which is specialized in market risk management. Its members will assist customers in developing and implementing a working business strategy that is focused on dealer’s features and optimally matches all financial needs of the dealership and possible risks. Using that option, dealer can:

  • protect the business from sudden rate changes;
  • make debt service payments more predictable;
  • manage the interest difference or rate sensitivity between assets and liabilities;
  • change the balance between credit fixed and floating rate;
  • control undesired basis risk.

Offering effective risk management, Wells Fargo’s swap specialists use various scenarios for such situations:

  • Current credit floating rate;
  • Intentions to borrow in the future;
  • Current credit fixed rate;
  • Tax-exempt and municipal customers;
  • Investment and liability control.

Using of right strategy will improve cash flow, when debt rate has a negative influence on profit margins.

Dealers may always count strategic thinking, creative ideas and innovative solutions from Wells Fargo’s specialists.

Wells Fargo serves wide range of customers of all sizes  –  starting from individuals to mid-sized companies and corporations and has a proven expertise of more than 20 years of successful cooperation with its customers in managing interest rate risk exposures.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is on the top places in credit ratings of financial institutions.

Customers that are interested in Wells Fargo’s products and/or services can get in touch with the nearest Regional Business Center (RBC) and company’s consultants will provide further information about interest rate hedging services and strategies.

Or, they can use Customer service line 1-888-937-9997 that offers exceptional dealer service and support Monday through Friday, from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time. Inquiries via feedback form on company’s website must be answered within to business days.

Please note that all materials listed above should be considered as a general information only and in no case as consultation, proposal, commitment or financial advice in any form.

Wells Fargo Dealer Insurance Services

Having a long and successful history of building the dealer community, strong and reliable relationships, committing to the best personal service, Wells Fargo offers not only flexible financial solutions, but also beneficial insurance products. Company’s customers can always count the strength and reputation of Well Fargo & Co.

Wells Fargo Insurance Dealer Services Group specializes on management of risks that can caused by dealership’s equipment, facilities and personnel. Their experience and professional recommendations can definitely help strengthen dealer’s positions on the market.

Insurance products for dealers

Taking into account both traditional cases like test drives, theft or hail and sudden risks as data crashes, it is very important to protect dealership and its staff to prevent significant financial losses. Wells Fargo Insurance specialists propose customer-oriented strategies that designed to provide protection for dealer’s buildings, vehicles, employees and significantly reduce operational risks.

General insurance cover

Wells Fargo Insurance offers effective risk control systems in order to protect the dealer from claims from car bodies and facilities damages, theft and other related risks. General insurance cover includes:

  • Property damages and casualties;
  • Employees’ compensations;
  • Workers’ practices liability;
  • Network security and information safety;
  • Natural disasters and business continuity;
  • Claims routine.

Staff health insurance

Wells Fargo Insurance proposes an effective hedge against health plan rising costs. Company’s specialists are able to predict such costs increases as additional payments, deductions, levels of claims and even novations in law system. The next step – Wells Fargo experienced specialists help to design customer-specific benefits plan, which includes medical, dental and possible kinds of disability that will save personnel’ loyalty and correspond dealer’s financial goals.

For further information about Wells Fargo insurance solution for dealers may call 1-888-937-9997 (Customer service line) Monday through Friday, from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time or fill the inquiry form on company’s official website.

Services and solutions listed above are provided by Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, which is a non-bank insurance agency and an affiliated part of Wells Fargo & Co.

Insurance products and services are guaranteed by independent company’s partners (non-affiliated third parties). Some services may be extra charged and/of offered straight through Wells Fargo unaffilated insurance companies. Wells Fargo Bank and Insurance Group operate separately and their decisions have no impact to each other.